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Leeds Budgerigar Society

Budgerigar Society


The BS Club Show 2020

Recommendations received by the General Council (GC) from the Club Show Committee said that due to continued uncertainty of Government Guidelines on COVID-19 and the unknown time-scale for lifting the social distancing element of lockdown, the 2020 Club Show should be cancelled.

The Dome in Doncaster would not be large enough to accommodate running a show with 2-metres social distancing, requiring 5-metres between staging runs and in a one-way system. The venue is also likely to impose additional requirements and there is concern about hotel restrictions reducing occupancy numbers. We may also have to contend with local lockdowns. Given the age profile of our membership and the likely reduced number of exhibitors and visitors willing to attend the show, this would result in a failed event and a financial disaster for the BS.

Following discussion, the GC gave unanimous support to the Club Show Committee recommendations and the 2020 BS Club Show is cancelled.

The BS Club Shows 2021

The BS GC has also agreed to arrange two Club Shows for 2021. One at the end of the breeding season - May or June 2021, and a second one on our usual date on 2/3 October 2021 (Week 39) There may also be the opportunity to hold the 2021 AGM at the first event. The proviso is that social distancing has been sufficiently lifted to allow activities such as these to go ahead. More information to follow.

Patronage 2020

To provide clarity to organisers and attending members at shows planned for 2020, the GC has agreed to withdraw all BS Patronage for the entire 2020 show season. This is in-line with other livestock organisations.

BS President

As a consequence of the impact that Covid-19 has had on the budgerigar hobby in the UK, the GC has agreed that Ronnie Simpson will remain BS President until the 2021 AGM at which time Phil Reaney will be inaugurated as President with Chris Snell as President Elect.